TOP 20 Vibe FM (20 Vibes) - 19 IUNIE 2010 [ALBUM ORIGINAL][EXCLUSIV]

22 Jun 2010
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TOP 20 Vibe FM (20 Vibes) - 19 IUNIE 2010 [ALBUM ORIGINAL][EXCLUSIV]
20.Get Far feat. H-Boogie - The Radio (Extended Mix) [-1]

19.Faithless - I'm Not Going Home (Original Mix) [+1]

18.Adrian Sana - Hold On (Original Mix) [In stationare]

17.Wildboyz feat. Ameerah - The Sound of Missing You (Dave Ramone Club Mix) [-7]

16.Bentu de Soli - Pearls Of Summer (Original Mix) [-8]

15.Sonny Flame - Glamity (Official Extended Version) [-8]

14.Mossano - Zingarinho (Original Extended Mix) [-8]

13.Morris - Angel Eyes (Extended Mix) [-4]

12.Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Dave Aude Club Mix) [New entry]

11.Inna - No Limit (Love Clubbing by Play & Win) [In stationare]

10.Phelipe - One (Nick Kamarera Remix) [+7]

9.Xonia feat. Deepcentral - My Beautiful One (Extended Mix) [New entry]

8.Geo Da Silva feat. Tony Ray - I Like The Girls Who Drink With Me (Original Extended Version) [+8]

7.Heaven - Sexy Girl (Original Mix) [-2]

6.Chris Mayer & Connect-R - Still (Extended Version) [-3]

5.Amsterdam Avenue feat. Matteo - Mysterious Girl (Extended Edit) [+10]

4.Radio Killer - Be Free (Extended Version) [+9]

3.Starchild & Sunrise Inc. - Lick Shot (Extended Mix) [+11]

2.AlexUnder Base feat. Lys - Drums (The Kid Club Mix) [In stationare]

1.Dj Sava feat. Raluka - I Like (The Trumpet) (Extended Version) [In stationare]

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